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The Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs conducts an Assessment and Accreditation of Prior Learning Experience (AAPLE) Program which recognizes that learning takes place in settings other than the classroom and is designed to award academic credit for substantial previous learning experiences.

The AAPLE Program:
  • Helps integrate life and work experience with other learning goals and educational programs
  • Saves students significant time and money, by not forcing them to re-learn skills already acquired through life experience
  • Awards between 4 and 24 credit hours, depending on the amount of experience and its relevance to a degree in Urban Affairs

The program recognizes that learning takes place in settings other than the classroom. It is designed to allow adults with significant prior work experience to apply their learning towards an undergraduate degree in urban affairs. Students enrolled in the program may submit portfolios which qualify for 4 to 24 hours of credit.

The AAPLE process begins with a student enrolling in UST 190 Analysis of Experiential Learning in Urban Studies, a two-credit course. The course is offered both fall and spring semesters and provides the understanding necessary to identify relevant prior learning and present evidence of competence in those areas. Portfolios developed in UST 190 are used as the basis for evaluation of credit. All portfolios must be submitted within one year of completion of UST 190. UST 190 also familiarizes students with the various majors in the college and assists in planning a Bachelor's degree program.

It is important that students be fully versed with the policies and procedures which underpin the program before they engage in any efforts in the direction of seeking credit through preparation of a portfolio. The steps outlined and the procedures indicated have been developed with the purpose of assuring that the Levin College’s approach to granting credit (as an outcome of assessment of non-collegiate, but college-level experiential learning) embodies the highest level of academic standards. Though this approach may impose rigorous efforts on the part of students and faculty assessors alike, it is believed that adherence to high and generally accepted standards serves all involved parties well.

The faculty and staff of the Department of Urban Studies, the College unit which is administratively responsible for the AAPLE Program, are ready to answer questions about this program and are willing to render assistance to students who choose to participate. Persons wishing more information and/or who wish to schedule an interview to discuss this program in person should contact the following:

Lindsey Hobson
College Admissions Recruiter
Telephone: (216) 687-4506
Email: l.hobson67@csuhio.edu

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