Undergraduate Programs

Minor Programs in the Department of Urban Studies

The Levin College offers minors in Urban Studies, Sustainable Urban Development, Environmental Studies, and Nonprofit Administration. Choosing an appropriate minor can enhance students' educational experience and add a new dimension to the major field. For example, students majoring in Political Science, Economics, Sociology, or other social science areas may benefit from minoring in Urban Studies. The Sustainable Urban Development and Environmental Studies minors are a good fit with a major in Geology, Biology, Chemistry, or Civil Engineering. Social Work or Nursing majors might consider a Nonprofit Administration minor. Of course, students in any discipline may pursue a minor through the Levin College.

  • Urban Studies
  • Sustainable Urban Development
  • Environmental Studies
  • Nonprofit Administration

Please see the Minors Program Guide(PDF) for full descriptions of programs.

Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for full descriptions of minor programs.