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Justice 6/2/11
Natonal Health Reform Begins:
The Economic Impact on Northeast Ohio

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Thomas S. Campanella 
William T. Ryan 
Patricia Gray 
Bette Bonder 
Richard Christie 
Questions & Answers 

Justice 5/18/11
Natonal Health Reform Begins:
The Ohio Story

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Suchetka on ExchangePDF
Plain DealerPDF
Intro and Guests 
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (OH) 
Kathleen Gmeiner 
Lee Kamps 
Carrie Haughawout 
Steve Millard  Questions & Answers 


Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Celebrating Energy Efficiency in 2011!

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Ronald Berkman 
Frank Jackson 
Michele Kilroy 
Nathan Engstrom 
Jennifer Kuzma 
Paul Ettorre 
Anand Natarajan 

Flier Flier


Longterm Healthcare

At a Crossroad: Long-Term Care in Ohio

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Brooklyn Center Community Orchard
Brooklyn Center Community Orchard By: Greta De Meyer

Reimagining Cleveland Forum and Photo-Documentation Exhibition Opening

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Joel Ratner & Daryl Rush 
Justin Husher 
Darren & Johanna Hamm 
Terry Schwarz 
Helen Liggett 
Mansfield Frazier 


Reimagining Cleveland site

District of Design
Design District Forum Series

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The New Prosperity 1/27/11
Regional Prosperity for Northeast Ohio, Growing Together

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Andrea Torrice 
Michael Lyons 
Lavea Brachman 
Jason Segedy 
Steve Hambley 
Gary Norton 
William G. Batchelder 


Justice 1/12/11
State of the Northeast Ohio Economy

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PNC economist sees smaller businesses finally regaining some financial strength

Ronald M. Berkman  
Edward (Ned) Hill  
Robert A. Dye  
Justice 10/29/10
The Just City Forum: “Provide more choices to those who have few, if any, choices.”

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Norm Krumholz
Susan Fainstein

Norm Krumholz
Susan Fainstein
Health 10/28/10
Understanding Health Disparities: Integration of Practice Strengthening the Bridge between Clinical and Community Practices

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Dr. Robert Like  
Peter Whitt

Documentary 10/27/10
The Olmsted Legacy, Documentary Film and Discussion

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Cuyahoga County Executive Candidates 10/19/10
Cuyahoga County Executive Candidates Forum

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Stephanie Tubbs-Jones


Leadership, Accountability and the Lessons of the 1960s Black Freedom Movement: Annual Forum Commemorating the Public Service Career of the Late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

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Daniel Burnham 9/21/10
Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City

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The New Group Plan Commission in Cleveland, Ohio

Understanding Health Disparities: How Research Can Impact Policy

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Health disparities discussed at CSU

Mark Salling  
Charles Modlin  
Ashwini Sehgal  
Ken Slenkovich  

High Quality: Download - intro
High Quality: Download - Mark Salling
High Quality: Download - Ashwini Sehgal
High Quality: Download - Ken Slenkovich
High Quality: Download - Ken Slenkovich
High Quality: Download - Policy Implications

Cuyahoga County Executive Candidate Forum

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Women Religious, Leaders in Community

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SisterFounded Organizations in Northeast Ohio

Joan Gallagher
Catherine Pinkerton

Download - Intro
Download - Joan
Download - Catherine
Download - Q&A
Annual Foreclosure Prevention Donor Recognition Event

Barbara Anderson
Kathy Hexter
Michael Schramm
Francisca G. Richter
Award, Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich
Award, Robert Klein

Download - Jean-Stephane
Download - Barbara Anderson
Download - Kathy Hexter
Download - Michael Schramm
Download - Francisca G. Richter
Download - Award, Dennis Kucinich
Download - Dennis Kucinich
Download - Award, Robert Klein
The Long Road Home:
The Story of Prisoner Reentry in Ohio

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Download - Intro
Download - Conversation
Book Talk and Panel Discussion--Housing Policy and Community Development Corporations 

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David J. Erickson
Kate Monter Durban
John O. Anoliefo
Dennis Keating

Download - David J. Erickson
Download - Kate Monter Durban
Download - John O. Anoliefo
Download - Dennis Keating
Download - Discussion
Book Talk and Panel Discussion--Sustainability and Economic Development 

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Cuyahoga County Charter Transition Advisory Group
  Economic Development/Planning Workgroup 


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No Building Left Behind: Adaptive Reuse of Sacred Buildings
Event page
Map of closing churches
Kathleen Crowther
Brian Cummins
Roby Simon s
Planning Law Seminar: Legal Implications of Zoning Decisions for Smart Planning and Development

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Redistricting 2011: It Starts Now

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Jennifer Brunner  
Mark Salling  
Sen. Jon Husted
Rep. Tom Letson
Michael McDonald  
Ann Henkener
Download - All Powerpoints
Distributed Generation and Industrial Energy: Reducing Costs, Increasing Efficiency

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 Andy Thomas
 Charles Reith
 Craig Kasper
 Matt Brakey

Download - All Powerpoints
A Crack in the Pavement, Fix it First?

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Andrea Torrice
Joyce Braverman  
William A. Sanderson  
Bill Cervenik  
Michael K. Lyons  
Joanna Pinkerton

Download - Andrea Torrice
Download - Joyce Braverman
Download - William Sanderson
Download - Bill Cervenik
Download - Michael K. Lyons
Download - Joanna Pinkerton
Counting Cleveland! Making the Most of the 2010 Census

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Mario Matthew
Fred Collier  
Kevin O'Brien  
Jenita McGowan  

Download - Mario Matthew
Download - Fred Collier
Download - Kevin O'Brien
Download - Jenita McGowan
Download - Questions
Transforming Public Square: Three Strategies for Enhancing Cleveland’s Civic Core

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James Corner  

Download - James Corner
Download - Questions
Cuyahoga County Government Reform

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Download - Discussion
Download - Questions
The Cuyahoga County Land Bank
Part of the Building Our Future Beyond Foreclosure Series
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Jim Rokakis
Gus Frangos  
Sally Martin  
John Wilbur
Paul Alsenas  
Terry Schwarz  

Download - Jim Rokakis
Download - Gus Frangos
Download - Sally Martin
Download - John Wilbur
Download - Paul Alsenas
Download - Terry Schwarz
Civic Design & Inspired Infrastructure: Opportunity Corridor
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Terri Hamilton Brown  
Marie Kittredge  
Panel Discussion Part 1
Mark Robbins  
Panel Discussion Part 2

Download - All Audio Files
Download - Terri Hamilton Brown
Download - Marie Kittredge
Download - Panel Discussion Part 1
Download - Mark Robbins
Download - Panel Discussion Part 2
Reconsidering the American Dream

Part of the Building Our Future Beyond Foreclosure Series
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Alyssa Katz

Download - Alyssa Katz
Cuyahoga County Government Reform

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Feeding Cleveland: Building a Sustainable Local Food System

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Clare Hinrich

Group Discussion

Download - Clare Hinrich
Download - Group Discussion
Reweaving the Neighborhood Fabric at MOCA Cleveland

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Israel's Entrepreneurial and Economic Development Outlook
Featuring Mr. Uriel Lynn

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Uriel Lynn

Download - Uriel Lynn
Government Reform in Cuyahoga County

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Eugene Kramer
Kevin O'Brien
Martin Zanotti
Lilian Greene

Download - Eugene Kramer
Download - Kevin O'Brien
Download - Martin Zanotti
Download - Lilian Greene
A Dialogue on Cap and Trade

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David Karpinski
Diane DeVaul
Melissa Carey
Toby S. Short
Michael S. McMahon
Download - David Karpinski
Download - Diane DeVaul
Download - Melissa Carey
Download - Toby S. Short
Download - Michael S. McMahon
Restoring Prosperity to Cleveland Mini-Summit

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Bruce Katz
Frank Jackson
Panel Discussion - Coming soon...
Tubbs Jones 05/26/09
Commemorating the public service career of the late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones

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Jeff Johnson
Building Our Future Beyond Foreclosure
Creating a New Story: From Crisis to Opportunity

Featuring Alex Kotlowitz, award winning author, journalist and regular contributor to the New York Times Magazine.

Event page

Alex Kotlowitz

Alex Kotlowitz
Feeding Cleveland
Thomas F. Campbell Ph.D. Exhibition Gallery Opening and Reception

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Barbara Strauss
First Annual Cho Lecture Series
Technology and Cities: Review and Prospects for the Future

Presented by Tschangho John Kim
Endowed Professor of Urban and Regional Systems
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Review on timzaun.com
Transforming Cleveland by Building a WorldClass Waterfront

The Forum is pleased to partner with the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority, the Urban Land Institute, Cleveland, the City of Cleveland and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance to engage the public in a discussion about the unprecedented opportunity for economic transformation on Cleveland’s lakefront. Speakers will highlight successful waterfront regeneration projects that have transformed other places, share best practices and present possibilities for Cleveland. The forum’s objective is for people to come away with an understanding of the opportunity that Cleveland has before it by redeveloping 100 acres of prime lakefront land currently occupied by the Port.

Become part of the process of shaping how our community can leverage precious assets and mold an exciting new future for the City of Cleveland and surrounding areas.
Event page

Bob Brown  
Tom Murphy
David Taylor
Juan Alayo
Stanton Eckstut

Download - Bob Brown
Download - Tom Murphy
Download - David Taylor
Download - Juan Alayo
Download - Stanton Eckstut
Aquarias Water Museum 04/24/09
Lessons from Ruhr Valley

Much like Northeast Ohio, the region has been shaped by the imposing legacy of the industrial age and the unlimited potential of the post-industrial era. In the mid-19th century the Ruhr was one of the most vibrant industrial regions in Europe with an economy based around hundreds of coal mines and steelworks. Following the decline of the coal and steel industry in the 1960s, the Ruhr region transformed itself from a grimy mining area to a modern urban centre based on service industries.
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Building our Future Beyond Foreclosure: Setting the Stage, Beating the Odds

The foreclosure crisis in Cuyahoga County did not happen overnight. Similarly, the strategies for moving our communities and residents Beyond Foreclosure will take time to evolve. Over the coming year, the Levin College Forum will focus on strategies, tactics and projects that are new, creative, environmentally sustainable and invigorating to the marketplace. Challenging times are not new to Cleveland, and on this issue, where no roadmap exists, we have an opportunity to create a new path to our future.
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Questions & Answers
Governor Ted Strickland's Signing
of the Cuyahoga Land Bank Bill (S.B. 353)
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Ted Strickland

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El Chocó, Columbia: Struggle for Cultural and Environmental Survival

An integrated exhibit of photographs and texts by Steve Cagan
Opening Reception and Lecture.
Event page
2009 Bioneers Brown Bags

The newest addition to the Forum line-up: Bioneers Brown Bags. Bring your friends, bring your lunch, watch the DVD, and enjoy an informal discussion.
Event page
The Medical Mart

The Medical Mart-it sounds like a good idea, but is it? Do Cuyahoga County taxpayers really understand this half-a-billion dollar project? Is this latest public-private partnership a match made in heaven or should taxpayers demand a prenuptial agreement?

These were the questions Professor William Bowen posed to his class this summer. His students did their homework and found some very interesting answers. Attend this forum to learn more about the Medical Mart and convention center , its projected costs and benefits to the community , the success of similar projects in other cities , and how to determine the rationale for using public money to subsidize private enterprise.
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The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour

The Concord Coalition believes that only with an engaged, informed and demanding public can the nation's fiscal challenges be met. The Fiscal Wake-Up Tour's mission is to cut through the usual partisan rhetoric and stimulate a more realistic public dialogue on what we want our nation's future to look like, along with the required trade-offs.

We believe that elected leaders in Washington know there is a problem, but they are unlikely to act unless forced to by their constituents. The Tour began as a series of public forums around the country and now, in addition to those forums, we are organzing in-depth local committees to futher focus attention on our nation's daunting long-term fiscal challenges.
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Ned Hill
George V. Voinovich
Robert L. Bixby
David M. Walker
Paul Cullinan
Brian Riedl

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Cleveland in Black and White, A Retrospective on the Shoreline

The Flats and the Lake Erie shoreline continue to change dramatically. For the last 25 years, these areas so unique to Cleveland have been a part of the photographic oeuvre of Jennie Jones. Known for her color portraits of Cleveland, Jennie Jones prefers black and white silver gelatin for her studies of the Flats, the Cuyahoga River, Whiskey Island and the lakefront. Images of the Huletts included in this exhibition have never been shown before.
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Beyond Foreclosure: Small Scale Strategies that Work

The foreclosure crisis in Cuyahoga County did not happen overnight. Similarily, the strategies for moving our communities and residents Beyond Foreclosure will take time to evolve. Over the coming year, the Levin College Forum will hold a series of forums that will look Beyond Foreclosures to strategies for creating a new, more prosperous future for Northeast Ohio's neighborhoods and communities.
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Race, Politics and Cities: 40 Years after the Stokes Era

Leonard Moore, Associate Professor and Assistant Vice-President, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, The University of Texas at Austin. Moore, a Cleveland Heights Native, is the author of Carl B. Stokes and The Rise of Black Political Power, University of Illinois Press, (2002). He is a popular speaker, and has provided analysis on television and radio broadcasts, including ESPN, CBS's 60 Minutes, CNN, National Public Radio, The Tom Joyner Morning Show, ESPN Radio, Sporting News Radio, Fox Sports Radio.

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Cohousing in Cleveland

The Levin College Forum and the City of Cleveland Planning Commission are pleased to present this forum with Charles Durrett, a national expert on cohousing and co-author of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves. Durrett will discuss the ways in which cohousing may benefit Northeast Ohio's communities. A distinguished panel of professionals will share their reaction and perspectives and will discuss the potential of cohousing within the Cleveland area.

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Surf's Up: Can Northeast Ohio Catch the Sustainability Wave?

Northeast Ohio has the potential to become a center for sustainable business, technology and industry. Several local firms already focus on sustainability. Who are they and how can we attract others? What do we need to do to create a national identity as a center for sustainability?

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From the Rust Belt to the Artist Belt

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30th Anniversary Mini Series Videos
Our Place in the Urban Age:

April 12, 2007 - Alan Ehrenhalt - Myth or Reality
May 29, 2007 - Bruce Katz - A Strategy for NEO
May 31, 2007 - Jerome Ringo - A Renewable Energy Economy

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Download Alan Ehrenhalt
Download Bruce Katz
Download Jerome Ringo
A Community Conversation

Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Chief Operating Officer, Darnell Brown

Mayor Frank G. Jackson, 2008 State of the City Address
February 28, 2008 at the City Club of Cleveland.

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Maxed Out

MaxedOut exposes a business model that involves granting credit to people who can neither manage nor repay the mney that they are being given. Think the lending industry doesn't lend money unless they are sure they will get it back? Wrong. Late fees, over-limit charges and past due interest are all money makers.

The movie will be followed by a panel discussion on "Good Credit vs. Bad Credit and How Do You Protect Yourself?"

Event Page

Coming soon...
Governor Strickland's Building Ohio Jobs Proposal

Ann Hill
Ned Hill
J. Pari Sabety
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Rebuilding New Orleans: Equity Planning and Social Justice in the 9th Ward

Ken Reardon, Associate Professor in City and Regional Planning, Cornell University, led a team of more than 80 planning students and ACORN leaders in a two-year, resident-driven planning process in New Orleans' 9th Ward, a neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Against heavy odds, their neighborhood redevelopment plan was accepted and resulted in the allocation of $145 million in available federal funds. Professor Reardon will share the story of this remarkable neighborhood planning process and will lead a discussion about lessons learned.

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Creating and Sustaining Communities of Choice: Greening Northeast Ohio's Neighborhoods

Our Place in the Urban Age is a year-long series celebrating of the 30th anniversary of the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. The forum series, entitled Our Place in the Urban Age, will explore the dynamic role of cities in a world transformed by technology, climate change, modern lifestyles and a global economy. What will America's urban centers look like in what some are calling the Urban Age? What economic functions will cities serve, how will the quality of life change, and how will Cleveland and Northeast Ohio adapt?

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The State of African-American Leadership in the Cleveland Region

This forum will celebrate the role of Public Administrators in shaping public policy. Workshops will provide insights and strategies for public administrators as well as thoseconsidering careers in public administration. Topics include transitioning from the private to the public sector, careers in public administration, and shaping the next generation of leaders. This forum is presented by the National Forum of Black Public Administrators (NFBPA), Cleveland Chapter and the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

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