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Weekly News and Opinion from Ohio's Newspapers
January 10 - 16, 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic News from Ohio's Regions, a regular weekly newsletter from the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and Cleveland State University.  We'll search Ohio's papers to bring you economic news and key happenings that impact Ohio's regions.

Town hall trumpets importance of local food economy
(Athens News, January 11, 2012)
The 30 Mile Meal Initiative has cashed in on the unique food system of the Athens area and was even recognized as the top tourism marketing campaign of 2011 by the Ohio Travel Association.

Editorial: Tool for cities
(Akron Beacon Journal, January 11, 2012)
The governor's office and the state Department of Development insist they are committed finding an adequate funding stream for the aspect of Clean Ohio involving the recovery of brownfields. The clean-up of contaminated and abandoned industrial sites is a crucial element of economic development in cities.

State jobs expert sees oil, gas boom helping the region
(Marietta Times, January 12, 2012)
Kvamme said other success stories with potential for growth include Thermo Fisher Scientific in Marietta and spin-off industries, Ormet in Monroe County and the solar generating facility expected to be constructed Noble County.

Editorial: Keeping Budget Balanced in Ohio
(Wheeling Intelligencer, January 12, 2012)
Ohio state government is in the midst of a two-year budget that, as a result of a great deal of creativity and sacrifice, is balanced. Keeping it that way will require constant attention and, perhaps, adjustments along the way.

More than half of Ohio jobs will need advanced degrees by 2018
(Middletown Journal, January 12, 2012)
More jobs in Ohio will require a postsecondary education in the next six years while workers who only finish high school or drop out will face languishing employment opportunities, according to a recent report.

Ohio education in top 10 nationally despite a so-so grade
(Columbus Dispatch, January 12, 2012)
Ohio's grade on a national report card this year slipped to a C-plus, down from a B-minus, but the state inched up to the 10th best school system in the nation. Ohio was 11th in last year's report.

Rezoning forcing some unwanted business off of Bellaire in Cleveland
(The Plain Dealer, January 13, 2012)
Residents and community groups told city officials they wanted more neighborhood-oriented retail, like grocers, barber or beauty shops and coin laundries. So, numerous parcels along Bellaire between West 117th and West 130th streets were rezoned for local retail business.

Lake County commissioners propose higher sales tax, cuts in property tax and stormwater fee
(The Plain Dealer, January 13, 2012)
Lake County Commissioners are considering shifting some of the county tax burden from homeowners to consumers, many of them from outside the county, by reducing property taxes and a stormwater fee while raising the county's sales tax.

BioInnovation Institute unveils first spinoff company
(Akron Beacon Journal, January 13, 2012)
A local partnership founded to boost medical-related research and economic development has spawned its first company. The Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron announced on Thursday the launch of an orthopedic device company called Apto Orthopaedics.

Kentucky, Ohio businesses: trading spaces
(Cincinnati Enquirer, January 14, 2012)
An Enquirer analysis shows that Ohio and Kentucky officials have agreed in recent years to give up at least $61.3 million in taxes to shuffle jobs from one spot to another within the metro area. The moves don't really create new jobs but merely shift them down the road, across the river or over the state line.

Editorial: Clean up the mess
(Toledo Blade, January 16, 2012)

The administrative mess otherwise known as Toledo's Department of Neighborhoods continues to get worse. The Blade reported late last week that more than 40 pieces of equipment bought for the city's Neighborhood Beautification Action division, which was part of the neighborhoods department until last month, are missing and presumed stolen. The items include a forklift, a riding lawn mower, and snow blowers.


         Edited and compiled by: Molly Schnoke, Center for Community Planning & Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
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