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Weekly News and Opinion from Ohio's Newspapers
March 20 - 26, 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic News from Ohio's Regions, a regular weekly newsletter from the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and Cleveland State University.  We'll search Ohio's papers to bring you economic news and key happenings that impact Ohio's regions.
Aging Ohio:
The recession has been a shattering experience for tens of thousands of Ohio baby boomers. In a three-part series, Ohio newspapers and the Associated Press are examining the ripple effects across families and communities.

Few US cities prepared for aging baby boomers
(The Associated Press, March 24, 2012)
Just eight years from now, researchers say, a quarter of all Ohio's residents in half of the state's counties will be 60 or older. Arizona and Pennsylvania project that one in four of its residents will be over the age of 60 by 2020.

Higher education is booming
(Canton Repository, March 25, 2012)
If you are a member of the baby boom generation - born between 1946 and 1964 - most likely your children are raised, and you've worked in a career or plugged away at a job for many years.

Aging Ohio: Boomer Bust
(The Plain Dealer, March 25, 2012)
Seemingly overnight, members of a generation once called forever-young have been made to feel over-paid, over-experienced and over-aged. Baby boomers suffered layoffs and setbacks at record rates in recent years. Many will never fully recover, having lost too much too late in life.

 Boomers head back to school
(Columbus Dispatch, March 26, 2012)
With high unemployment, low home values and downsized retirement accounts, hundreds of thousands of baby boomers are turning to college to boost their job skills. The number of students ages 50 to 64 increased 17 percent nationwide between fall 2007 and fall 2009, according to the latest data available from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Aging work force challenges local employers
(Canton Repository, March 26, 2012)
So it's possible for a company's average workforce to be comprised of four generations of employees.

Other Ohio News

Local housing market sees rally
(Lancaster Eagle Gazette, March 22, 2012)
The state and local housing markets are seeing continuing signs of recovery, with sales activity in February jumping 19 percent statewide and 25 percent in Lancaster from the same month in 2011.

Lorain County ranks third for sales, dollar value sold among Northeast region
(The Morning Journal, March 22, 2012)
Lorain County in January had 179 sales worth more than $18.39 million in January; that was up from 131 sales worth $12.53 million in January 2011.

Editorial: Change Agent
(Akron Beacon Journal, March 24, 2012)
Early this year, Jerry Wray pointed to the "dire situation" facing Ohio, its transportation needs outstripping available revenue, a $1.6 billion shortfall causing projects to be delayed for decades or abandoned. Last week, the director of the Ohio Department of Transportation announced a new division to come up with more money.

Tuition numbers grim from past decade
(Cincinnati Enquirer, March 24, 2012)
As public subsidies surged during from 2002 to 2008, tuition increased as well, providing taxpayer and student dollars for them to expand academic, build new building and pump money into sports.But those public subsidies collapsed after the economy cratered in 2008. Excepting a two-year tuition freeze in Ohio, tuition has continued its upward spiral.

Dayton manufacturing could benefit from innovation centers
(Dayton Daily News, March 25, 2012)
Advocates for the Dayton area say it could benefit from one of 15 manufacturing innovation centers proposed by the Obama administration as part of its 2013 budget.

Editorial: Tax plan could put Kasich over a barrel -- of oil
(Toledo Blade, March 25, 2012)
The budget plan Mr. Kasich proposed this month would raise the state tax on oil and natural-gas extraction, in anticipation of the fracking boom he predicts is just around the corner in Ohio. The governor would use the proceeds from that tax hike to pay for an across-the-board state income tax cut for individuals and businesses, keeping a campaign promise.

Something's brewing in Brewery District
(Columbus Dispatch, March 26, 2012)
The Brewery District's population increased from 623 people in 2000 to 1,009 in 2010, thanks in large part to apartment complexes such as Brewers Yard and Liberty Place.

Making furniture out of torn-down houses keeps materials out of landfills
(The Plain Dealer, March 26, 2012)
Northeast Ohio is fertile territory for the movement. The region has an abundance of structures to be taken down, many of them monuments to the foreclosure crisis. Cuyahoga County alone has 27,000 vacant and abandoned properties, more than 12,000 of them in Cleveland.

Editorial: Follow the money
(Toledo Blade, March 26, 2012)
State officials must do their homework before they give money and tax breaks to companies that promise to expand and create jobs. They need to be vigilant about monitoring incentives already bestowed - including those by previous administrations - to ensure that the recipients are keeping their promises.

         Edited and compiled by: Molly Schnoke, Center for Community Planning & Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
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