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Weekly News and Opinion from Ohio's Newspapers
October 16 - 22, 2012

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic News from Ohio's Regions, a regular weekly newsletter from the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and Cleveland State University.  We'll search Ohio's papers to bring you economic news and key happenings that impact Ohio's regions.
Free assistance on UT campus, ITAC as partnership with Cleveland State
(Toledo Blade, October 17, 2012)
Growing an export base can be a complex task even for well-established businesses, but a new assistance center on the University of Toledo campus aims to help northwest Ohio enterprises navigate foreign markets more easily.

Port Columbus getting an $80 million makeover
(Columbus Dispatch, October 17, 2012)
The airport announced today plans to begin a three-year renovation of its terminal, part of a plan that the 55-year-old airport says will keep the terminal functional for at least another 20 years.

Drillers aren't flocking to Youngstown
(Warren Tribune Chronicle, October 17, 2012)
But even if Youngstown City Council passes the measure on third reading tonight, the question still remains whether drillers will even seek the mineral rights.

Equity to lay off 100 workers
(Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune, October 18, 2012)
A meat processing facility in southern Wood County has announced plans to lay off 100 workers, about one-third of its work force, indefinitely. The Equity Group, located in Bloom Township, just outside North Baltimore at 2208 Grant Road, employs between 300 and 400 people and serves as a meat processing plant for McDonald's restaurants all over the country.

Ohio's largest banks, Key, Huntington and Fifth Third, boast bright spots despite lukewarm economy
(The Plain Dealer, October 19, 2012)
Despite an uncertain economy and increasing nervousness from business customers, Ohio's three largest banks on Thursday were full of good news.

Fifth Third strategist says economic healing is halfway complete
(Toledo Blade, October 19, 2012)
The development of gas fields might not directly help northwest Ohio, he said, but its boost to the state's overall economy will be seen here, and Toledo's manufacturing base provides potential opportunity for related needs.

Purple People Bridge could spark 2nd economic renaissance
(Cincinnati Enquirer, October 20, 2012)
Newport has received $650,000 in state transportation funds to determine whether the 2,670-foot span can support a planned $100 million hotel, retail and entertainment development. In the coming months, engineers will inspect the bridge from top to bottom, even diving to the bottom of the river for an up-close look at the eight massive limestone pillars which support the bridge.

Editorial: Awash in excellence
(Akron Beacon Journal, October 21, 2012)
What's all the grousing about an underperforming public school system in Ohio? Take a look at the latest state report cards, and the impression is that the public is needlessly critical of the quality of public education in Ohio. It appears school districts, by and large, are achieving at or near peak levels.

 3-year degrees a future goal of Ohio universities
(Dayton Daily News, October 21, 2012)

Future college students now have a clear plan for how they can earn a bachelor's degree in three years, potentially saving thousands of dollars in tuition, room and board and allowing them to enter the workforce earlier. Universities in Ohio were required by state law to show students how 10 percent of their degrees could be completed in three years. By 2014, 60 percent of programs must meet that mark.


         Edited and compiled by: Molly Schnoke, Center for Community Planning & Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
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