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Weekly News and Opinion from Ohio's Newspapers
December 6 - 12, 2011

Welcome to the latest issue of Economic News from Ohio's Regions, a regular weekly newsletter from the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs and Cleveland State University.  We'll search Ohio's papers to bring you economic news and key happenings that impact Ohio's regions.

Solar-energy field envisioned
(Toledo Blade, December 7, 2011)
Two international energy companies have plans to install a giant solar-energy field on top of capped landfills in North Toledo next to I-75. The project would generate enough electricity to power as many as 7,000 homes and would be the largest solar-energy installation in the city.

New Census report shows incomes and home values still not recovering in many area communities
(Akron Beacon Journal, December 8, 2011)
More than two years later, there is little evidence of a recovery. In fact, a new Census Bureau survey found incomes and home values continue to slip in most cities, townships and villages in the Akron-Canton area and across Ohio.

Kent revitalization lauded by OEDA
(Akron Beacon Journal, December 11, 2011)
Exciting things are happening in downtown Kent that, in some ways, mirror the exciting things happening in downtown Akron. About a month ago, the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA) recognized the $100 million Downtown Kent Revitalization Project as one of the three best projects in the state of Ohio.

Toledo-area start-ups going strong
(Toledo Blade, December 11, 2011)
A year ago the Ohio unemployment rate was nearly 10 percent, foreclosures were still running high, and bankruptcies were only slightly down from a year earlier -- not the best time for Toledo personal trainer Vince Ceniceros to be thinking about opening his own gym.

These are tough times in Southeastern Ohio
(Zanesville Times Recorder, December 11, 2011)
Nestled in the center of the rolling hills of Perry County is New Lexington. Many of its residents think the sleepy little village has seen the last of its good times.

Private-sector jobs increase as government job losses mount in Ohio
(The Plain Dealer, December 12, 2011)
The number of private-sector jobs have increased each of the last two years in Ohio, though the number of government jobs were down for the fourth straight year, Bureau of Labor statistics show.

Industry Study: 1.6M shale jobs by 2035
(Youngstown Business Journal, December 12, 2011)
America's Natural Gas Alliance, an industry trade group based in Washington, D.C., says shale gas production will support more than 800,000 jobs nationwide by 2015 and 1.6 million jobs by 2035, and "generate more than $933 billion in federal, state and local government tax revenues and federal royalty payments over the next 25 years."

Editorial: Plugging away
(Columbus Dispatch, December 12, 2011)
Last year, the city filed 553 complaints against neglectful property owners. That probably made a lot of neighbors feel better, but Columbus so far has gotten results with only 75 of those properties.

Near East Side residents want say on neighborhood renewal plans
(Columbus Dispatch, December 12, 2011)

At stake is $10 million that Ohio State has pledged to the area. Many want to know how that money will be spent and who will benefit. A 25-member advisory committee is working with the coalition, which is called Partners Achieving Community Transformation. Committee members include representatives of Columbus, Ohio State University, the Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority and Near East Side leaders and residents.


UC area project to start at last 

(Cincinnati Enquirer, December 12, 2011)

Ten years after city planners pegged four acres between Calhoun and McMillan streets in Clifton Heights for a multimillion dollar redevelopment, construction on U Square at the Loop is set to kick off in January.   


Ohio leads nation in green school projects 

(Dayton Daily News, December 12, 2011)

Ohio leads the country with more green school projects under way than any other state, the U.S. Green Building Council said in a report released today. Ohio has spent about $9.4 billion on renovation and construction of schools.   


West Carrollton wants to lure minor-league team with proposed arena 

(Dayton Daily News, December 12, 2011)

The $52 million events center in Allen, Texas, sounds a lot like what West Carrollton city officials envision as the anchor for the proposed Miami Bend entertainment district near Interstate 75, south of Dayton.  


         Edited and compiled by: Molly Schnoke, Center for Community Planning & Development, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
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