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General Resources

  • Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory: Earth's Biggest Environment Search Engine

  • the encyclopedia of earth -- A comprehensive source of environmental information featuring objective, authoritative articles written and reviewed by an international community of experts.
  • National Library for the Environment
  • POPULATION & ENVIRONMENT LINKAGES SERVICE --Books, reports, journal articles, newspaper articles, news analysis, maps, conference papers, datasets, slide shows, organizations, regional overviews, laws, bills, and court decisions, and much more from around the world
  • TIME's Heroes for the Planet
  • Environmental Management Internet Research Register
  • Island Press' environmental issues forum - restoration stories from the field
  • LCUA Levin College of Urban Affairs  Wendy Kellogg's course materials  CSU's Environmental Institute

  • Organizations & the Natural Environment ONE) interest group of the Academy of Management dedicated to the advancement of research, teaching, and service in the area of relationships between organizations and the natural environment.
  • EP@W -- Environmental Practice @ Work, environmental skills, and e-learning resources to: build environmental awareness, carry out environmental risk assessment, implement environmental best practice, promote sustainable development through social partnership.
  • Worldometers  ISEE       ecologie bleue
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     Journals, Media


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    Natural Resources Natural Resources
    Natural Resources
    Watershed issues -- planning, community participation, BMPs
    CNIE Resource page: World population -> 6 Billion (PopExpo, Musee de l'Homme) &
    Great Lakes & GL Regional Information System

    Coastal Management
    USEPA Great Lakes NPO
    EarthTrends environmental information
    Report on the State of the Nation's Ecosystems by the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
    Resources for the Future
    World Resources Institute
    TNC, The Nature Conservancy RAN, Rainforest Action Network
    WaterwayWaterway 10 and Waterway 6, America Latina y el Caribe En Espanol, UNESCO
    CIESIN's SEDAC, Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center: Projects, Interactive Applications, Data and Information Resources; Thematic Guide for integrated assessment modeling, including Some CIESIN sites

    Info GatewayInformation Gateway DataIntegrated Population, Land Use and Emission Data
    VIZ Visualization, Climate Change IndicatorsEnvir. Treaties & Resource Indicators

    Georgia Tech's Global Models
    Museums, planetariums, labs

    American Farmland Trust
    Zero Emissions Strategy conference
    See also CTE project on Great Lakes, Coastal Management, Wetlands Planetark Reuters Daily World Environment News.
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    U.S. Supreme Court Decisions
    U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library
    California Codes
    Model Land Use Mediation Law
    Environmental Deskbook, 1995, Laws & regulations + great links; Environmental Due Diligence
    Some Cameron May Environmental Law Publications

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    Policy Public Policy
    EPA's Economy & Environment
    Environmental Damage Valuation & Cost Benefit NEWS
    NASOPUS, Office of Public Understanding of Science & COSEPUP, Committee on Science, Engineering & Public Policy
    Public Policy Network Archive
    Library of Congress
    Chlorine Chemistry Council
    Fostering Employment in the Environmental Sector in Europe
    ENRM Environment and Natural Resources Management  UNU ZERI Zero Emissions & IAS
    LA Times' The New Bottom Line Index & complete listing by subject/keyword
    NIPR, New Ideas in Pollution Regulation
    GreenPeace League of Conservation Voters 20-20 Vision WebActive
    INFORMS: "Tough environmental standards yield unexpected profits for multinationals, study reports; non-polluters average $10.4 Billion higher market value" (Barry List)

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    Finance Finance

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    Fed/State/Local Federal/State/Local Government
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    Great Lakes

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