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Featured Courses
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Spring 2021

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BST 493 / UST 493 / PSY 393 Special Topics: Social Justice
Instructors: Dr. Thomas L. Bynum, Dr. Tawanda Greer-Medley, Dr. Beth Nagy, and Dr. Karen Sotiropoulos

This new General Education course is open to all undergraduate students at CSU. This course examines structural inequities and systemic racism by exploring the historical connections and intersectionality of race, class, gender, and/or sexual orientation in the United States. Given the breadth and complexity of this subject matter, this course will be taught by four professors in three different colleges (i.e., Urban Affairs, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Education and Human Services) who have scholarly and professional expertise in this area.

This multidisciplinary course explores an array of topics, which include race and racism, social construction of race and identity, slavery, emancipation, Jim Crow segregation, social movements and activism, allies and comrades, LGBTQ+ rights, health disparities, urban development and renewal, environmental justice, housing, criminal justice reform and the police, voting rights, wealth disparities, reparations, media, pop culture, and issues of diversity and inclusion. An examination of each topic will also highlight the interconnectedness of historical oppressions and the challenges that underrepresented groups and their allies faced to eradicate these obstacles.

For questions, please contact Dr. Beth Nagy at

UST 610 Urban Development Process / Market Analysis
Instructor: Dr. Robert A. Simons
Remote synchronous sessions will be held Wednesdays 6:00-9:50pm

What do you do with a piece of dirt? This course is intended for graduate students with little or no background in the urban development process or market analysis of urban redevelopment projects, and serves as a first step toward understanding real estate development from the private sector perspective. Students will become familiarized with the real estate development process in an urban context, conduct highest and best use analysis, and learn market analysis techniques. In addition to a lecture component, this course draws on the expertise of several guest speakers who will provide further insight on real-world real estate development projects. The course concludes with a real estate tournament that includes prize money!

UST 293 Special Topics: The Human Origins of Global Warming
Instructors: Dr. William Bowen and Dr. Bob Gleeson
Remote synchronous sessions will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00-3:15pm

Global warming is disrupting the quality of urban life throughout the world. The scale and severity of problems is expected to increase steadily for the rest of the 21st century. Yet scientists from many disciplines advise that small reductions in greenhouse gas emissions today can help avoid many of the worst problems in the future. But what changes do we need to make? How difficult will it be to make those changes? Perhaps it would be easier to find solutions if we had a better understanding of the origins of this crisis. 

This new 3-credit course introduces undergraduate students from all majors to the complex origins of today’s global warming crisis. The course helps students learn how today’s global warming crisis has evolved over time. It introduces students to systems thinking, and how they can use that approach to understand the human origins of global warming. 

​​​​​​​Students will be introduced to the relevant principles of meteorology and climatology so as to meaningfully distinguish natural from human origins of global warming. Emphasis will be placed throughout the course on the four core systems from which the human causes may be understood: these include our evolved (1) urban systems, (2) economic systems, (3) political systems, and (4) technology-energy systems. Each of these systems need to be taken into account as citizens identify solutions that can be implemented today and/or in the near future in order to reduce the long-term rate of global warming.

UST 102 Professional Writing 

Instructor: Dr. Michael Wells
​​​​​​​Remote synchronous sessions

Enroll for UST 102 taught online. UST 102 continues to cultivate and hone the skills acquired in ENG 101, but also incorporates research and information literacy skills. You will practice your research and writing skills with the help of clear rubrics and an instructor who provides feedback without punishment. Rewrites and gentle hints about grammar, spelling, and organizational challenges. Drafts and rewrites allowed. Online asynchronous for your convenience but assumes your diligence.