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​​​​​​Spring 2022

UST 493 Sec 50 Urban Issues: Transportation Policy and Planning / UST 593 Sec 50 Special Topics in UST: Transportation Policy and Planning 
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Transportation is an essential feature of urban equality and access. The class explores all modes of transportation planning and policy in cities, including mass transportation, private automobiles, bicycle, pedestrian safety and micro-mobility like scooters and bike shares. The end of the course will evaluate future technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

UST 215 Human Systems and the Origins of Global Warming
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Global warming is disrupting the quality of urban life throughout the world. The scale and severity of problems is expected to increase steadily for the rest of the 21st century. Yet scientists from many disciplines advise that small reductions in greenhouse gas emissions today can help avoid many of the worst problems in the future. But what changes do we need to make? How difficult will it be to make those changes? Perhaps it would be easier to find solutions if we had a better understanding of the origins of this crisis.

This new 3-credit course introduces undergraduate students from all majors to the complex origins of today’s global warming crisis. The course helps students learn how today’s global warming crisis has evolved over time. It introduces students to systems thinking, and how they can use that approach to understand the human origins of global warming.

UST 493 / UST 593 CSU in Israel: May 15- 25, 2022
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“CSU in Israel,” a faculty-led study abroad program offered by the Levin College, provides CSU students with the opportunity to learn about Middle Eastern cultures, global industries, and business practices. Student participants will travel to key business centers and universities of Israel, meet with academic and company leaders, and visit cultural centers representing the rich and complex history and development of Israel. Cultural excursions include visits to Jerusalem, the castle and market of Akko, the world-class Roman archeological site of Cesearea, the beaches of Haifa, historic Masada, the Dead Sea, and an exploration of the Bedouin nomad lifestyle in the Negev desert.  

This course is intended to broaden a student’s awareness of a nation’s role in promoting international economic development, real estate markets, and regulatory climates. 

UST 201 Building Cleveland: Architecture, Planning, and Society
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This course focuses on the history of architecture and urban form in Cleveland. Once one of the nation’s largest cities and industrial powerhouses, the built environment of Cleveland provides us with tangible evidence of the city’s settlement, growth, and ultimate decline. This survey course introduces students to major movements in U.S. architecture and urban form, as manifested in Cleveland and its environments.

Instructor: Dr. Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, Associate Professor of Urban Studies and Planning
Dr. Ryberg-Webster’s research explores the complex intersections of historic preservation and urban development, including preservation (and demolition) in legacy cities, synergies and tensions between preservation and community development, federal and state historic rehabilitation tax credits, and social inclusion in preservation, including the preservation of Cleveland's African American heritage. Dr. Ryberg-Webster's current work explores the history of historic preservation in Cleveland during the 1970s and early 1980s, as urban disinvestment escalated.