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Cleveland State University's Distinguished Alumni Awards

Cleveland State University’s Distinguished Alumni Awards program honors outstanding graduates for their service, leadership and career achievements. A Levin College graduate is recognized at this annual awards ceremony.

2019 Christopher Alvarado 2009 Chris Ronayne
2018 Calvin Williams 2008 Gregory L. Brown
2017 Matt Zone 2007 Anthony J. Coyne
2016 Grace Gallucci 2006 Mayor Frank G. Jackson
2015 Floun'say Caver 2005 Charlene Mancuso
2014 Sam McNulty 2004 Robert B. Jaquay
2013 Nickie Antonio 2003 Valarie J. McCall
2012 Erin Dee Huber 2002 Alumni Award Recipient TBD
2012 Timothy F. Hagan 2001 Randell McShepard
2011 Madeline Cain 2000 William Denihan
2010 Jack Boyle