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Internship Success Stories

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Meet Our Interns

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Kevin Ballou

Kevin BallouWhen asked providing advice for future interns Kevin mentioned, "Be creative! It’s about applicable experience and life advancement. Ask to be a part of the meetings, and build relationships with everyone in the office. Develop an understanding of the whole organization not just your department. Read more. »


Malena Hyde

Malena HydeThe skills and insights I obtained from this internship were truly insurmountable. I learned about strengthening community relations, grant seeking, the importance of meeting deadlines, and techniques for working with diverse groups of people. Read more. »



Christine Mencini

Christine MenciniCreating a program specifically designed to capture an audience’s attention was a great learning experience. Read more. »



Aaron Khan

Aaron Kahn and Senator Rob PortmanI think my soft skills vastly improved – especially in terms of verbal and written communication. It became easier to talk with people who held prominent positions in the community. I was able to speak more conversationally about local and national political issues that the Senator dealt with all of the time. Read more. »

Corey Rybka

Corey RybkaYou need to get experience from anywhere and everywhere. If you’re presented with an opportunity, take it. Read more. »