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Public Management Academy

Public Management Academy
A Component of the Ohio Certified Public Manager® Program
2019-2020 Projects

The Public Management Academy (PMA) is a comprehensive management development certificate program for public managers, and a required component of the Ohio Certified Public Manager® Program.

Throughout the Academy, public servants learn and practice the management skills and tools they will need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The Academy offers a one-year series of customized workshops, creating a “public manager’s toolkit”.

Throughout the program, participants create, develop, and implement a project that will add value to their organization. To graduate, participants must present their project concept, and submit a written paper.

The 2019-2020 cohort presented on March 4th, 2020 at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs. Click here to view a video of the project presentations: Part 1 | Part 2. Project summaries are listed below:

Munis Process Improvement Project
Michael Dalby, Amiya Hutson, Oliver Reyes
Cleveland Public Library
There is no uniform understanding and expertise from managers regarding our internal requisition software (Munis). With the Library Director's permission, we sought to streamline processes or seek alternatives to the Munis system. We also wanted to create an in-depth training program for staff. 

Vendor Performance Management 
Ryan Fogliano
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA)
Using the information in our 2-system database to create a real time report that can help eliminate faulty vendors and increase vendor performance.  With this vendor management tool, we will have the ability to promote quality products and on time deliveries while decreasing RMA’s and financial waste due to lost time and service to our customers.  Our main goal with this tool is to improve the RTAs ability to provide safe reliable transportation by creating a more efficient service strategy.

Automation of Account Adjustment and Lien Invoice Creation 
Orjada Gecaj
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)
The objective of the new process is to automate account adjustment and lien invoice creation. This would allow for increased accuracy, efficiency and time management. The primary goals for this project were to streamline the process, increase accuracy and free time for billing staff to dedicate to other processes and projects. The new process will be completed by one person and will take 1-2 hours to complete, including testing and report creation.

2020 Vision for 2030 
Mayor Bill Koons
The Village of South Russell
"2020 Vision for 2030" is the development of the strategic plan for South Russell Village to occur during the summer of 2020.  To prepare myself for the development of the village's strategic plan, I implemented an information gathering process from all members of council, department heads, citizens serving on village advisory boards, and community members.  The information gathered is being focused and sorted to create 3-5 key issues to be addressed when building the strategic plan.

Streamlining the Internal and External Permit Process in the Use of CMSD Buildings 
Lamont Dodson, Crystal Franklin, Willie Morris
Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) and Cleveland State University (CSU)
The permit process for the rental of building space belonging to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District was an arduous, tedious process that involved several departments, steps, and lacked a clear-cut protocol.  As a result, there were logistical and financial systems that had to be in place as well as an immediate need for an electronic process.  In this project, we created a process that is streamlined, user friendly, and more cost efficient for the district.  It is our hopes that the new system will decrease permit processing errors, be more user-friendly for the community, and decrease unnecessary spending for the district.  

Standardized Project Scheduling 
Larry Surber & Ben Wright
The City of Westlake
The focus of this project is to develop a standard projected base scheduling of resources for projects. Currently, each department has their own process with no understanding of the other departments needs and internal scheduling. This project will create a standard process for scheduling projects for all departments. 

Snow and Ice Operational Efficiency 
Tab Gordon & Kenneth Holland
Bainbridge Township
Our project examines ways to increase the efficiency of our current snow and ice operational plan using emerging technologies and out of the box thinking.

Vendor Consolidation: Facility Services 
Frank Corlett
The City of Solon 
The goal of the project is to reduce expenditures and increase efficiency by consolidating common facility requirements. By decreasing the number of parallel vendors used City-wide we can effectively reduce workflows, purchase orders, time and budget obligations. In selecting pre-defined vendors for specific relatable facility requirements, we put money back in the department’s hands through cost divergence.

The Creation of a "Levin Management Fellowship" ProgramGenerating public value through engaged learning 
Alexandra Higl
Cleveland State University (CSU)
To cultivate the next generation of public and nonprofit leaders while assisting organizations on real-world projects, the Center for Public & Nonprofit Management proposes the creation of a “Levin Management Fellowship Program”. This initiative is designed to equip and empower the next generation of public and nonprofit leaders.