Renewing and Expanding Strategic Partnerships: The Key to Sustainable Community Development  

Thursday, November 15, 2012
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
1717 Euclid Avenue 
Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs 
Roberta Steinbacher Atrium 
Cleveland State University

About the Forum

On May 17, 2012, more than 320 individuals gathered at the Neighborhood Solutions Summit to discuss the future of the community development system in Cleveland. The summit, sponsored by the City of Cleveland, Cleveland City Council, Neighborhood Progress, Inc., Cleveland Neighborhood Development Council, Cleveland State University, and Enterprise Community Partners, had three goals:

Goal 1. Begin to build a common vision of the current context, challenges, and opportunities for neighborhood development in Cleveland. 
Goal 2. Foster collaborative relationships, networks, and processes to spur collaborative action needed to achieve better outcomes for our neighborhoods. 
Goal 3. Promote strategic thinking and begin a process that will lead to a common vision for the future of community development work.

This Forum focuses on Goal 2. Cleveland's community developers have a long history of working collaboratively. As we look to the future we need to consider ways to renew and strengthen traditional partnerships as well as to create new partnerships for enhancing funding and improving service delivery to improve neighborhoods. This forum will provide an opportunity to learn from the individuals who helped to create the collaborative funding and service delivery partnerships that guided community development in Cleveland and across the country over the last 30 years and to consider new ways to expand these relationships for the future.|

  • Lance C. Buhl, Consultant (formerly director of the BP Foundation in Cleveland)
  • Robert B. Jaquay, Associate Director, The George Gund Foundation
  • Kurt Karakul, President and Executive Director, Third Federal Foundation
  • India Pierce Lee, Program Director for Neighborhoods, Housing, and Community Development
All forum events are free and open to the public.