Master of Public Administration

MPA Curriculum Changes

Master of Public Administration

Key Information

The changes have no effect on the number of credit hours required for the MPA degree (42)

Students entering in Fall 2018 will be required to fulfill the requirements of the new curriculum.

Students who enrolled in the MPA program prior to Fall 2018 have the option to choose either the new or old core curriculum.* You do not need to take further action if you wish to remain in your current curriculum. However, if you wish to change your Catalog Rights to follow the new curriculum, please go to the Degree Audit feature in Campus Net. Select “Ask a Question” and state that your intention is to follow the Fall 2018 curriculum.  

Reasons for Changes

Since some of the changes included reduction of credit hours within the MPA core, students following the old curriculum MUST make up any credit deficiencies to reach 42 credit hours for graduation.  We have (1) credit options to help facilitate any credit shortfall.  If you already completed UST 600, then you do not need to take UST 671 (Urban Colloquium).  Prior to Fall 2018, the Colloquium was included within the UST 600 course.

If you have questions regarding the impact of the changes, please contact the Graduate Advisor, Dave Arrighi ( to schedule an appointment.  You may also contact the MPA Program Director, Dr. Clayton Wukich (

Additional details and the new checklists will soon be available on the CSU MPA homepage:

*Catalog Rights (as listed in the CSU Graduate Catalog):

Students who interrupt their enrollment in the university for one full academic year or longer, consecutively, including summer, must meet the university graduation requirements of the catalog in effect when they return.