Master of Urban Planning and Development

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Master of Urban Planning and Development

The Planning Accreditation Board requires this information be posted for the Master of Urban Planning and Development program.

Student Achievement

​​​​​​​Khrystalynn Shefton
Director of Real Estate Development, Famicos Foundation

Elise Yablonsky
Planning Director, University Circle Inc.

“When we reached out to Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs, the Famicos Foundation, University Circle Inc. and the City of Cleveland had been meeting for months to discuss partnership opportunities in Rockefeller Park. Through the graduate capstone course, we asked students to study current conditions in the park and surrounding neighborhoods to design practical and actionable strategies that would connect eastside neighborhoods to both Rockefeller Park and Lake Erie. Strategies needed to be informed by thoughtful community and stakeholder engagement, and responsive to past and present planning efforts.

​​​​​​​We were so impressed with the energy, talent and resilience that the students brought to this project. The COVID-19 pandemic began in the middle of the community outreach phase, but given the robustness of the engagement plan, the students were still able to gather meaningful inputs. They seamlessly adapted to remote work in order to successfully deliver the final plan and presentation for the Eastside Parks. The plan included a variety of near and long-term solutions to provide better access, activation and community connection to Rockefeller and Gordon Parks. We are so grateful that a number of students have remained involved in the ongoing implementation efforts, including a very successful community stakeholder virtual meeting and park walkthrough.”  More profiles are available on the student achievement archive page.

MUPD Exit Survey Results
Exit surveys of graduating MUPD classes consistently show significant improvements for the students between entering the program and upon graduation in all of the Planning Accreditation Board’s knowledge, skills, and values requirements for accredited urban planning programs. According to recent MUPD graduates, the best aspects of the MUPD program are connections to Northeast Ohio’s professional planning community, engaged learning opportunities, knowledgeable and engaged faculty, affordability and location in downtown Cleveland.

2020-2021 Tuition and Fees 
In State Residents, per full-time academic year$ 14,755
Out of State Residents, per full-time academic year$ 25,272

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Student Retention RatePercent
Percentage of students who began studies in fall 2019 and continued into fall 202070%
Student Graduation RatePercent
Percentage of students graduating within 4 years, entering class of Fall 201667%*
Percentage of students graduating within 4 years, entering Summer ’16-Spring ‘1761%**

* The remaining students switched to other programs in the College of Urban Affairs. One recently graduated from the MS in Urban Studies; the other is currently enrolled.
** The 61% figure reflects that 8/13 students graduated. Another 4 of those original 13 graduated from other programs in the college.

Number of Degrees Awarded 
Number of degrees awarded for the 2019 - 2020 Academic Year16         
AY19-20 is defined here at Summer 2019-Spring 2020
AICP CertificationPercent
Percentage of master’s graduates taking the AICP exam within 5 years who pass, graduating class of 2015 (or later)71%
Percentage of fulltime graduates obtaining professional planning, planning-related or other positions within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 2019


​​​​​​*Based on responses from 8/12 of graduates from Summer 2018-Spring 2019.

Additional Graduate Employment Data
Almost half of the 50 MUPD graduates from AY 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 responded to an employment survey. Of those respondents, 23 were employed, 22 in planning or planning-related jobs. Seventeen graduates from AY 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014 responded to a five-year post-graduation employment survey. Of those respondents, 12 (71%) were employed in planning or planning-related jobs and one was pursuing an advanced degree in planning. 

Alumni Satisfaction with Job Preparation
2013: Of 21 alumni surveyed, 8 responded: 5 were satisfied, 3 were dissatisfied.
2012: Of 15 alumni surveyed, 10 responded: 6 were satisfied, 4 were dissatisfied.

Employer Satisfaction with Graduates
In 2014, ten Cleveland-area employers of various types were surveyed about their satisfaction with MUPD graduates whom they have hired. Of the half that responded, four were "Very Satisfied" and one was "Satisfied" with the preparation/training of the MUPD graduates. All were "Very Satisfied" with the job performance of the MUPD graduates.