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Student Achievement

Michael Stefan
Managing Partner, North Coast Commercial

Client, 2021 MUPD Capstone

Eileen Nacht
Chair, AIA Cleveland Design for Aging Committee

Client, 2021 MUPD Capstone

The American Institute of Architects Design for Aging Committee’s mission is to foster design innovation and disseminate knowledge necessary to enhance the built environment and quality of life for an aging society.  In the fall of 2019, the AIA Cleveland DFA committee began working with Michael Stefan on an interesting project that will push forward the idea of what a senior living community can be in Northeast Ohio.  Michael owns a property on Chester Avenue and East 36th Street on the fringes of Cleveland’s Asiatown neighborhood. The committee wanted to engage a student group to study what this new community could look like in the context of a dense walkable, urban neighborhood like Asiatown and The Levin College of Urban Affairs seemed like the right fit.

Working with the students provided an opportunity to look at the site with a new perspective; one the Committee had been leaning towards but needed fresh eyes to bring the vision more into focus.  We shared prior due diligence work, established project goals focused on facilitating aging in community and provided educational sessions on related topics. What the students provided was exactly the framework our team needed to begin to flesh out the project towards the new goal of an urban, age in place community, integrated into its neighborhood.  While our committee has a wide range of expertise in senior living, the students at Levin were able to zoom out the 30,000 foot view, a scale of planning and design that architects do not always work in naturally. 

Collaboration between our team and the students was a real pleasure.  Jim and Tom facilitated our scheduling for the semester which was a great help in laying out the project goals, and deliverables and letting us plan for what topics to cover and when. While we met via Zoom most times due to the pandemic, we were able to walk the neighborhood once as a group. Besides enabling relationship building, the walk provided the opportunity to discuss the assets and opportunities in the neighborhood and to vision together as a team.  The students proved to be truly professional partners throughout the planning process.  The final plan lays out some foundational work from which a truly great project can be birthed.  The green space analysis, market analysis and proposed catalytic sites were especially poignant parts of an overall plan for a neighborhood that could work better for seniors and allow people to age in place with dignity.  The work done this semester will surely add to the greater good and provide a better quality of life for the seniors who will someday reside at Mr. Stefan’s project. 

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MUPD Exit Survey Results
Exit surveys of graduating MUPD classes consistently show significant improvements for the students between entering the program and upon graduation in all of the Planning Accreditation Board’s knowledge, skills, and values requirements for accredited urban planning programs. According to recent MUPD graduates, the best aspects of the MUPD program are connections to Northeast Ohio’s professional planning community, engaged learning opportunities, knowledgeable and engaged faculty, affordability and location in downtown Cleveland.

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees  
In State Residents, per full-time academic year $ 15,050.1
Out of State Residents, per full-time academic year $ 25,776.4

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Student Retention Rate Percent
Percentage of students who began studies in Fall 2020 and continued into fall 2021 88%
Student Graduation Rate Percent
Percentage of students graduating within 4 years, entering class of Fall 2017 52%
Percentage of students graduating within 4 years, entering Summer ’17-Spring ‘18 53%*
* This figure reflects that 16/30 students have graduated. Of the remainder, 3 transferred to other programs (2 of which were within the College) and have successfully graduated.
Number of Degrees Awarded  
Number of degrees awarded for the 2020 - 2021 Academic Year 17         
AY20-21 is defined here as Summer 2020-Spring 2021
AICP Certification Percent
Percentage of master’s graduates taking the AICP exam within 5 years who pass, graduating class of 2015 (or later) 71%
Employment Percent
Percentage of fulltime graduates obtaining professional planning, planning-related or other positions within 12 months of graduation, graduating class of 2020


​​​​​​*Based on responses from 6/16 of graduates from Summer 2019-Spring 2020.

Additional Graduate Employment Data
Almost half of the 50 MUPD graduates from AY 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 responded to an employment survey. Of those respondents, 23 were employed, 22 in planning or planning-related jobs. Seventeen graduates from AY 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2014 responded to a five-year post-graduation employment survey. Of those respondents, 12 (71%) were employed in planning or planning-related jobs and one was pursuing an advanced degree in planning. 

Alumni Satisfaction with Job Preparation
2013: Of 21 alumni surveyed, 8 responded: 5 were satisfied, 3 were dissatisfied.
2012: Of 15 alumni surveyed, 10 responded: 6 were satisfied, 4 were dissatisfied.

Employer Satisfaction with Graduates
In 2014, ten Cleveland-area employers of various types were surveyed about their satisfaction with MUPD graduates whom they have hired. Of the half that responded, four were "Very Satisfied" and one was "Satisfied" with the preparation/training of the MUPD graduates. All were "Very Satisfied" with the job performance of the MUPD graduates.