Master of Urban Planning and Development

MUPD Curriculum Changes

Master of Urban Planning and Development

Key Information

The changes have no effect on the number of credit hours required for the MUPD degree (48).

Students entering in Fall 2018 will be required to fulfill the requirements of the new curriculum.

Students who entered the program prior to Fall 2018 have the option to choose either the new or old core curriculum.  Since changes include reduction of credit hours in some required MUPD courses, students following the old curriculum MUST make up any credit deficiencies to reach 48 credit hours.

Reasons for Changes

The Master of Urban Planning and Development program revised its core curriculum for two key reasons:

  1. The core requirements for the MUPD degree have not been comprehensively reviewed or modified in nearly twenty years, despite changing demands of the urban planning profession;
  2. The changes to the profession are reflected in changing standards of the Planning Accreditation Board, which were overhauled in 2012 and modified again this year.

Given this context, the MUPD faculty began a comprehensive review of the curriculum in spring 2015, driven by four goals:

  1. Ensure the program prepare students for 21st century careers in urban planning,
  2. Increase flexibility in curriculum delivery,
  3. Fulfill changing expectations of the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB), and
  4. Reinvigorate the program as part of broader recruitment and enrollment efforts.

After consulting with numerous planning experts, including local employers, we identified a number of gaps in the core curriculum, specifically:

  1. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  2. Land use and comprehensive planning
  3. Zoning and development regulations
  4. Planning history and theory
  5. Public finance and capital budgeting
  6. Using urban data
  7. Urban form and aesthetics
  8. Graphic skills - Adobe software suite
  9. Negotiation and meeting facilitation

Specific Changes Made

ADD NEW COURSE UST 503 – Graphics for Urban Professionals (1 credit)
This new course will provide intensive training, via a workshop format, on professional graphics common to urban professions.

ADD NEW COURSE UST 579 – Civic Engagement (1 credit)
This new course provides intensive training, via a workshop format, on civic engagement processes and techniques.

ADD TO CORE UST 585 – GIS Principles (4 credits)
We are adding GIS to the core to ensure that all MUPD graduates are equipped with this highly in-demand skill.

ADD NEW COURSE UST 613 – Land Use Planning & Sustainable Development (4 credits)
This new course provides MUPD students with knowledge and skills in land use planning, which is the core focus of the profession. Students will be required to use GIS in the course and UST 585 is a pre- or co-requisite.

ADD NEW COURSE UST 636 – Public Budgeting and Finance (4 credits)
The new course includes basic concepts in urban economics, while emphasizing practical knowledge in revenue generation, capital budgeting and finance, and operating budgets.

ADD NEW COURSE UST 671 – Urban Colloquium (1 credit)
The Colloquium provides students with a broad understanding of the urban professions and urban governance. The course will meet weekly, in a time slot adjacent to UST 607.

MODIFY UST 605 – Regional Theory and Analysis (4 credits)
This is a change in title and scope. We are modifying an existing core course (Urban Spatial Structures) by revising the title, course description and adding learning outcomes about finding, manipulating and analyzing urban data.

MODIFY UST 607 – Planning History and Theory (3 credits)
We are reducing UST 607 from four to three credits. The reduction in credit hours removes the focus on urban governance to the new 1-credit UST 671.

MODIFY UST 608 – Planning for the Built Environment (3 credits)
This is a change in title and scope. We are also reducing this course from four to three credit hours. Graphic training will now be taught in UST 503 – Graphics for Urban Professionals

MODIFY UST 609 – Planning Law (3 credits)
The reduction of credits from 4 to 3 brings the course in line with the cross-listed section offered through the Cleveland Marshall College of Law. The credit hour reduction is facilitated by the addition of UST 579.  

REMOVE UST 601 – Applied Quantitative Reasoning (4 credits)
We are removing UST 601 from the core to make room for GIS. Additional quantitative reasoning skills are also added to UST 605.

REMOVE UST 603 – Public Economics and Finance (4 credits)
UST 603 focused heavily on macroeconomics. It has been replaced by UST 636

REMOVE UST 610 – Development Process & Market Analysis
We have removed UST 610 in order to make room in the curriculum for new classes. This course will remain offered as an elective for MUPD students and required for the Real Estate Certificate and Specialization.