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Equitable, Diverse, and Resilient Neighborhoods: What Does Success Look Like? : 03/23/16

Please Join us on Wednesday, March 23, from Noon-1:00 p.m. in the Sweet Seminar Room, UR 241 for lunch and discussion on Equitable, Diverse, and Resilient Neighborhoods: What Does Success Look Like?  This is the first of a series of all-college lunch discussions.  We will also use this first lunch to identify topics for future lunch sessions.

As we struggle with the legacies of discrimination and racial bias, the focus on equity and resiliency in community development are important areas for both research and practice. Diversity is often cited as a goal – but just what do we mean by that?

This is not an abstract question. In the US, we largely see two kinds of neighborhoods – upper-class (mostly white) enclaves, and dis-invested (mostly black and brown) neighborhoods. Diverse neighborhoods, when they exist, are often transitory, either moving towards gentrification or sliding into decline.

In biology, mono-cultures are unhealthy. Diversity is healthy, and a diverse environment is inherently more resilient. Is this true for communities as well? What does a “healthy, diverse neighborhood” really look like? What kind of neighborhood would attract (and support) a diverse population?

Come join a lively discussion about diversity, equity and resiliency.

Interim Dean Gleeson has graciously agreed to provide a light lunch BUT we need to know how many people plan to attend so PLEASE RSVP to NO LATER THAN Noon on Thursday, March 17.