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Focus on Facts: 2/12/2019

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How Well Do Spanish-Speaking U.S. Residents also Speak English? Recent Data from the American Community Survey by Dr. Mark Salling


A recent media controversy raised the issue of whether Spanish-speaking residents assimilate into U.S. society by learning to speak English. Studies have shown that language proficiency is a key driver of immigrant integration. It increases job opportunities and facilitates social and political participation. However, despite its vital importance, many immigrants never reach adequate proficiency in the host country language. The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) includes questions about what language is spoken at home and, for persons who speak another language, how well the person speaks English. In 2017, the ACS estimates that 69.6 million U.S. residents do not use English as the principal language spoken at home. About 41 million use Spanish and 25.5 million use another language.

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