Faculty and Research

The Levin College is a collection of scholars committed to the advancement of cities through sustainable and equitable economic and social development. We work toward this goal on a daily basis through our research, education, and public service.

Levin faculty are distinguished scholars and professionals who combine practical experience with research and theory, delivering excellence in teaching to prepare the next generation of community leaders. Their diverse academic backgrounds include public administration; city management; urban planning and development; urban and public policy; environmental sustainability; nonprofit management; organizational leadership; law; economic development; housing, neighborhood, and community development; real estate development; public finance; geographic information systems; historic preservation; public safety management; technology; economics; international relations; political science; and social justice.
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Research Centers and Programs
Our research shapes how we understand, analyze, and address issues that affect our communities around the world. Levin researchers routinely put their knowledge into action, engaging with decision makers at the international, national, state, and local levels.

The Levin College's research centers and programs have served as the focal point of applied research, technical assistance, and public service in Ohio for over thirty-five years. Our centers help public, private, and nonprofit sector leaders make informed decisions driven by data, while providing resources and technical training to advance leadership development, public policy, and civic action. 
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The Levin College fosters a collaborative research environment where faculty, staff, and students engage to explore a variety of urban issues and work toward solutions to improve urban regions. These talented scholars publish prominent articles and influential scholarship, forging innovations in city and public management, community development, demographic analysis, economic development, energy policy, environmental policy, health policy, and nonprofit management.

Our engaged research addresses topical issues across our academic areas of expertise, often shaping policy and actionable solutions while improving the quality of life for people and their communities.
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We’re home to influential journals including the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, and the number of scholarly publications produced by our faculty and research staff continues to increase.

We also publish Focus on Facts reports. This series provides brief, thought-provoking information about urban policy issues based on research conducted at the Levin College, for the purpose of stimulating additional discussion and debate.