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Students should meet with the undergraduate or graduate advisor to map a course of study and learn about other services available to Levin College students. All students admitted into a graduate program should meet with the appropriate program director to map out a plan of study.

Advising services include assistance with:

Undergraduate Students:

For undergraduate advising, contact Dr. Mary Myers, 216.687.2138.

Spring 2022 Virtual Drop-In Advising: January 10-21, 2022
Drop-in advising is available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at 10am daily.  For hours of availability, instructions, and the Zoom link, click here!

Undergraduate Program Director:
For academic issues, contact Ms. Win Weizer, UR 216, 216.523.7574

Graduate Students:


  • Advising and Course Registration
  • Non-degree seeking graduate students
  • Students admitted with “requirements” on their admission letter
  • Petitions, problems, and graduation applications

Contact: Dave Arrighi, or 216.523.7522

Graduate Program Directors:

Master of Arts in Environmental Studies
Dr. Meghan Rubado
Email:, UR 321, 687-2241

Master of Nonprofit Administration and Leadership
Dr. Clayton Wukich (Interim), UR 349, 216.687.6941

Master of Public Administration
Dr. Clayton Wukich, UR 349, 216.687.6941

Master of Science in Urban Studies
Dr. Meghan Rubado
Email:, UR 321, 687-2241

Master of Urban Planning and Development
Dr. Joanna Ganning, UR 222, 216.687.2221

Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Public Affairs
Dr. Megan Hatch, UR 316, 216.687.5597