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Students: For information on undergraduate virtual "drop-in" advising at the beginning of the spring 2022 semester, please visit Undergraduate Remote Advising.  Log in to this page using your CSUID and password.  

The Levin College Office of Student and Enrollment Services functions as the main center for the administrative needs of Levin College students. The Office of Student and Enrollment Services is a unit dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of students from the time they express interest in urban studies until they become alumni.

The Office of Student and Enrollment Services offers a variety of academic, financial, and career services designed to support and enhance the academic curriculum. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of these services, as they are an important component of a student’s experience at Levin College.

For students, our best advice is to begin by using the links on the left to learn more about student services. Contact an advisor. Learn about internship opportunities. Join a student or professional organization. Get help with your job search. Attend college events. Your active participation NOW as a student in Levin College will allow you to discover and explore your interests, network, and gain experience that will enhance what you learn in the classroom. LATER, the result will be opportunities and a rewarding career.

We look forward to hearing from you!